The infinity pool is a pool which offers a spectacular rendering. It is the only one that makes its limits disappear to completely merged into decoration and become one with the landscape.

Your infinity pool becomes an integrated body of water built into your garden. For comfort and elegance, you can create a small beach under water level. The effect will be even smarter.

Depending on the configuration of your land, if your infinity pool can be constructed overlooking landscape, the water line will be confused with the horizon and the optical effect will be amazing.

Your infinity pool will then cover its full meaning by offering you a swimm in the front row of an open show on the horizon.

The infinity pool serves aestheticism and high-end luxury.

Chosen for its elegance and modernity, infinity pool looks like an overflowing pool, but instead of overflowing into a second pool, the water flows quietly on the four sides of it.

Water from an infinity pool is recovered by overflow found around the pool. It is filtered and then returns to the pool at the bottom of this.

The perimeter around an infinity pool is level with the waterline. This is what the mirror effect. There is no difference between the ground and the water surface: the edges have disappeared from the contour of the pool to make room for a splendid cast chained between water and soil.

Infinity pool do not need skimmers. Water seeps continuously clean the surface of the pool of its impurities. The advantage of infinity pools in terms of water cleaning is significant.

The operating principle allows the entire water surface, typically the most contaminated (sunscreen, flower pollen, environmental dirt…) is evacuated by overflow into a tank containing the overflowing water. Thus, a perfect cleaning without skimmer, on all four sides of your pool is ensured.

Water from an infinity pool has always immaculate surface.

Building a concrete infinity pool requires strict accuracy for the overflow water is guaranteed everywhere at the same level and with the same flow.

SENSEC excellence in the field ensures a flawless result.