Turquoise water, crystal-clear, submerged pools lined with lush vegetation, rocks where water seeps in cascade, happiness to relax within a tropical oasis.

The lagoon pools is wild beauty in the heart of your property.

Their free forms and natural edges allow to be integrated into any environment.

Lagoon pools in Costa del Sol


Builders specialized in the creation of luxury pools and landscaped pools integrated in a natural environment, we put our passion and our expertise at your service to create a unique space that looks like you.

The techniques and materials we use allow us to tailor the shape of the pool to the configuration of the ground.

Our artistic creativity coupled with our expertise allows us to develop projects from the simplest to the craziest.

Landscaped or carved into the rock pools, artificial rivers, caves, waterfalls and fountains, artificial stones and rocks, wooden docks, submerged pools, tropical vegetation, our expertise allows you to create a heavenly environment in your property.


In order to match perfectly with your expectations, we define together the different aspects of your pool. After that, we developed a 3D simulation of your project.
You can then discover your lagoon in its environment and visualize the volumes and spaces you will enjoy tomorrow.

The structure of the pool and its perimeter is made of reinforced concrete, cast and vibrated, following the guidelines of our project office.
The entire pool is cast in one piece to ensure an extreme solidity.

The sealing products are applied in two steps over the entire immersed surface and also go back over part of drylands.

The pools and its perimeter are lined with a product based on quartz crystals and resin, giving the whole its natural mineral aspect.

A wide range of 28 different dyes can offer your pool colors and reflections with which you dream: white sand beaches with mountain torrents gravel.



All our pools are equipped with a system of ecological revolutionary water treatment.

The water is treated by hydrolysis and electrolysis: this process is three times more effective than chlorine or salt and that without any chemical.

A computer constantly monitors the parameters of the water in the pool and a mobile app notifies you immediately in case of problems.

This unique process allows consistently obtain a limpid, pure drinking water.

Like the rest of our creations, our lagoon pools are covered by a lifetime warranty.

The construction of artificial rocks is the work of our master sculptors and reproduce perfectly natural rock.

They are made of concrete ultra-high strength of steel structures. Then you are sculpted by hand and dyed with natural pigments, which gives an identical final appearance to the sight and touch of the real rock.

This together with the experience of our project office technique allows us to perform the most daring and spectacular projects: cliffs, building facades, reproductions of ancient pools, figurative sculptures, reconstituted wood, water parks …

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