This noble material offers creative freedom that allows the realization of exceptional aquatic universes. Infinity pools, infinity pools under coping, urban swimming pools, children’s pools, lap pools…

Our pools are made entirely from the highest quality stainless steel 316 L.

They have great modernity, offering crystal clear water with golden, emerald and purple reflections.

With a total sealing, these pools are easy to maintain and have exceptional durability.

Pinnacle of aesthetic perfection, allowing moreover have no trace of the water line.
In addition, the unique design of the bottom of the pools, can bring natural light to restore the colors of the rainbow.

The magic of the place: if the dream has no limit, stainless steel is the best example.

Stainless steel elasticity and flexibility allows to support slight modifications of the foundations likely to appear over time and, more broadly, to meet the safety requirements in seismic zone. The fall of heavy objects (a bottle of submersion) is not in danger of cracking the sheet, everything else can deform slightly without altering the seal pool. The construction system developed to compensate expansion phenomena that can undergo sheets according to temperature variations.

Stainless steel is a naturally hygienic material, is inherently neutral to the environment. This feature is valid under the conditions of use of pool as traditional pools in the large number of joints in the tiles and the porosity of materials used multiply the risks of bacterial proliferation. The surface properties of the stainless sheets and mode of assembly of the different pieces greatly limit this phenomenon.

Its impact on the environment is neutral, unlike the products of cements. 100% recyclable, environmental management meets the HQE (High Environmental Quality). Furthermore, the execution of a stainless pool, being simpler and faster than a concrete construction, reduces labor times and contamination.

The ductility of stainless steel is particularly noticeable in projects pools unconventional ways. The blade is curved and easily counter-curve according to imagination and recreational programs aquatic equipment. Water games can be freely designed in the same material. His touch is very soft, almost silky, which gives it a high-end feature that appeals both client and end-users.


Its intrinsic qualities make it an exceptional material.



Stainless steel is one of the materials that suffers less deterioration over time.



The permeability of the material guarantees the absence of water leaks.



The non-porosity of stainless steel prevents adhesion of dust on the surface greatly facilitating cleaning.



The modular design can be adapted to all types of projects and reduce installation time.



Stainless steel is entirely reusable and 100% recyclable, reducing environmental impact.



The aesthetic value, finishes and how the material gives a special reflection to water movement make this type of construction the best choice for those looking for something different and unique.



Its elasticity and thermal conductivity make it suitable for outdoor installations.



The hygienic characteristic of this material helps to preserve and enjoy cleaner water with less need of chemicals.