Founded over 28 years ago by Marc Massi, Sensec is a French group specialized in construction of concrete pools and spas.
Today, with 80 to 100 pools built each year and more than 1.500 pools performed, Sensec has established itself as the leading company in West Africa.

With this solid experience, Sensec implants in the European market of exceptional pools.



Located in Benalmadena, few kilometers away from Marbella, SensecEuropeis fully dedicated to the design and manufacture of high tech and innovative pools: lagoon pools, artificial rivers, landscaped spas, movable floor and walls pools, high tech swimming pools, thalassotherapy centers, stainless steel or glass walls pools,…

We operate throughout Europe.

The extreme conditions we faced in Africa have led us to completely overhaul our knowledge and misconceptions regarding water treatment. Chlorine and salt treatments, besides being expensive and harmful to humans and the environment, now turn out to be completely overwhelmed.

For years we implement in all our pools high-performance ecological water treatment systems which ensure crystal clear and pure water.

In addition, our policy is part of a true sustainable development approach: high tech water treatment systems not using chemicals, use of wastewater for irrigation or sanitary installations, solar heating solutions,…

garantie-a-vieWhether for public or private use, all our pools are unique: each one must be the expression of a unique style, its owner’s one in order to offer to each one a pool that truly looks like him.

Through implementation of automation technologies, every parameters of your pool is constantly monitored and we are notified instantly when one of them change. We operate in less than 48 hours; often before you have known the problem.

By the professionalism, global care on construction and selecting the highest quality products SENSEC is the only European company to provide a LIFETIME WARANTY* on pools and equipment. Enjoy your pool in full quietness.

SENSEC EUROPE, a new vision of exclusive pools.

Fittings, finishes, aesthetics, quality of materials and professionalism of our technicians are the foundations of our know-how.

Our teams, architects, engineers, design office, designers, masons, sculptors, landscapers, put their knowledge at your service to always offer you exceptional results.


Marc Massi

CEO Sensec Africa


Patrick Folschveiller

Commercial Manager


Jean-Patrice Regaldo

Technical Manager


Pascale Noblet

Administrative Manager


Nathalie Buisson

Human Ressources


Frédéric Le Henaff

Export Manager

Stéphane Sautureau

Stéphane Sautureau

Project Manager


Michel Deschamps



Jean Veltcheff

DPLG Architect


Enrique Pardiñas Ortega

Technical Architect

Igor Babala

Igor Babala

Site Supervisor

Rafael Vidales

Rafael Vidales

Site Security


Thierry Perrot

Artificial rocks creation


Xavier Lorino


Alexandre Churkin

Alexandre Churkin

Web Master


Elodie Saincombe

Graphics Designer


Juan Antonio Lara Martin



Alberto Morcillo Hidalgo