With a valuable technical expertise and an extraordinary creativity, SENSEC imposes itself on the high-end European pool market.

Buried pools, contemporary lines, SENSEC pool is characterized by an exceptional aesthetics.

Reflecting a way of life, each pools must be able to admire, just for fun, and invite relaxation and contemplation.

Our pools combine noble materials (stainless steel, aluminum, ipe or thermo-heated ash…) with exceptional technical expertise. Overflow swimming against the current system, home automation, lighting… everything to design a pool that meets your aesthetic and comfort.


Dimensionally stable and unfissurable pool

Reinforced concrete traditional pools SENSEC are built with a galvanized steel structure, a continuous reinforcement. The complete frame of the pool is made in one piece to insure a uniform and joinless concrete pouring.
Monobloc concrete construction of the pool is a very heavy-standing structure, extremely resistant to internal pressure of water, and external, of the earth.
The reinforced concrete pool is guaranteed dimensionally stable and unfissurable.

The construction process of SENSEC swimming pools in reinforced monoblock concrete meets all the requirements of constructions in seismic risk areas, or in risk of landslide areas.

Guaranteed watertight of the pool

Reinforced concrete pools SENSEC are watertight first because of their construction in in monoblock concrete. Every metallic pool structure is realized with a continuous reinforcement. Galvanized steel panels are assembled continuous. The concrete is poured all at once, without any join, so without structural weakness zone.

Reinforced concrete pools manufacturing process is the only one that ensures perfectly tight pools. The concrete used by SENSEC comes from certified concrete plants to European standards.


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Customizable pool shapes

The use of concrete allows any type of shapes and customizations. The structure of the pool, made of steel latticework, can integrate curves, corners and free forms on demand.

  • Implantation of the future pool : altimetry, connections to level 0.
  • Earthmoving works: evacuated ground or spread out on site.
  • Blinding concrete pouring.
  • Assembling of the stell structure according to the expected shape.
  • Horizontal reinforcement + crossings alignment and shoring walls.
  • Establishment of a reinforcement for the bottom slab (made of 2 layers of welded mesh) + main drain.
  • Concrete supply (European’s standards concrete plants).
  • Monobloc pouring with concrete pump (20 to 25cm walls + 20 à 30cm slab foundations).

  • Realization of screeds at tops of foundations.
  • Stairs construction according to the selected shape.
  • Waterproof plaster on the walls and floor.
  • End of the structural work – Drying of the pool.
  • Connecting pipes and filtration system on the technical shed.
  • Backfilling work of the edge of the pool with peastone grounds.
  • Ground and walls cover.
  • Final completion.
  • Pool impoundment. Water flow tests.
  • Cleaning and instructions for servicing.