Transform your terrace or lounge into a pool!

SENSEC Company designs, manufactures and performs mobile funds for projects pools and exceptional spaces.

Transformed your terrace in a few seconds into a pool where you can adjust the depth.
Hydraulics, water pleasure, flexibility of use, safety and design…

SENSEC’s movable floors optimize and valorize spaces linking pleasure and technology.


The patented technology used can fit to all sizes of pools. It adapts to the most prestigious project and raises the most daring technical and aesthetic challenges: small pond, pools to free or geometrical shapes (rectangle, round, bean …) movable bottom with several platforms, spa, therapy pool for disabled peoples, SENSEC has no limits… We offer a wide range of customization options: coatings & colors folding stairs, ladder access, led projectors, swimming against the current device, musical massage…

Each of our creations is unique and each customer is demanding, therefore we must constantly innovate.

SENSEC Company has been built around a team of men and women passionate about a unique concept based on technology, architecture and design.

First of all, our customer is at the heart of our project. We are here to listen to him and to build a swimming pool at his image. With all the professionalism and thoroughness it deserves. From the birth of the idea to its design. From its building to customer service.

Our engineering office ensures continuous development of new solutions. Choosing SENSEC is choosing safety, ease and design. It is making a choice which will reveal smarter with the passage of time and that, and from day one.

We offer our customers a wide range of creative engineering solutions for private houses and public places like sports centers and hotel complexes.

Custom models redefine the notions of places to live or work. They allow to optimize the space providing a secured and refined design covering solution.

The mastery of the latest engineering technologies, of design processes and of manufacturing procedures allow us to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. Our expertise is not limited only to movable floor or pool covers. They also comprise numerous engineering solutions geared towards residential home or public.


SENSEC’s patented technology can fit to any size pools. It adapts to the most prestigious projects and face the boldest difficult technical and aesthetic challenges: small pool, free shape or geometric shape swimming pools (rectangle, circle, kidney …), movable floor pools with various platforms, spa, therapy pools for disabled persons… SENSEC has no limits. The customization options are extensive: coatings and colors, folding ladder, stairway access, LED projector, counter-current swimming device, musical massage…