Close your eyes and imagine a hotel or residential complex located in the heart of a tropical oasis…

A turquoise waters lagoon fringed by white sand beaches and lush vegetation where everyone can, peacefully, give himself up to swimming, to water sports or just relax enjoying the magic of the place.

This dream, Sensec makes it accessible throughout Europe.

The technology allows us to create executed tropical lakes natural sand without size or shape.

These artificial lagoons, covering an area from one hundred square meters to several hectares can be performed on private properties or in collaboration with promoters within hotel or residential complex residences.

Depending on requirements, these lagoons adorned with walkways, funds rocks, waterfalls, artificial islands, lush vegetation, to recreate the very special atmosphere of tropical paradise.

With its natural sandy beaches, shallow waters, the whole family can enjoy the beach without the risks and disadvantages of currents, jellyfish, depth, water temperature…

The surfaces of our lakes allow many water sports: swimming, canoeing, stand-up paddle surfing, sailing…

Our lagoons are designed to perfectly integrate into the landscape while respecting the environment and enrolling in a sustainable development process.

The closed circuit system allows to limit the renewal of water losses to simple evaporation losses.

Pumps and filtration system use very little energy. They can be powered by photovoltaic panels.

Using a revolutionary treatment system water without chemicals ensures a perfectly pure, clean and drinkable water.

Because of its purity, the water of the lagoon used for cleaning the filtration system then serves for irrigation of nearby vegetation.

The technology involved is the subject to several international patents.

An electronic unit allows water quality control in real time: every water parameters (pH, temperature …) is constantly analyzed by a computer and may be modified remotely.

Any variation generates an alert which is instantly sent to the smartphones of maintenance team. They can intervene immediately and prevent the water to become unsuitable for bathing.

You are guaranteed to always enjoy a crystal clear water.

Reduced construction and maintenance costs:

  • Construction times reduced by technical implementing
  • Twice less water consumption than equivalent sizes pools and water parks
  • 50 times less expenses related to the water treatment than similar size traditional pools
  • A geolocated robot allows cleaning and leveling the sand composing the bottom of the lagoon
  • Reduction of the required maintenance staff
  • Use for irrigation of the water needed for cleaning the filtration system

Originality and aesthetics of our creations bring a real added value to our property development projects.

The speed of execution associated with low implementation and maintenance costs are an advantage over traditional pools.

Choosing a natural sand lagoon brings you:

  • originality and uniqueness of the natural sand lagoons
  • distance with respect to the other projects on the market
  • appearance of an idyllic sandy beaches, funds of rocks, tropical vegetation
  • increase the sales speed
  • increase the sales prices
  • low construction and maintenance costs
  • less technical constraints involved in the construction
  • possibility to developp hotel or real estate complexes in areas of low interest